Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White, Party of 3 is now a "Party of 4!"

Please visit our new blog at as we have added one more member to our crazy crew!

Brian, Beth, Garrett...and Lucy Lynn

Monday, July 20, 2009

stacking boxes


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today started off a little hectic @ the white house...i had a regularly scheduled OB appt, but had some complications that made my visit a little longer than i expected - did get to see the baby via u/s, so that's always a treat. thankfully, all is well. i'm dilated about 1.5 & the baby looks great...but barring going into natural labor, we're going to be induced on the morning of july 29th - hard to believe we're only 9 days away from meeting the little girl who will turn our *party of 3* into a *family of 4*!

but driving home from the dr & once i knew all was ok, all i could think about were the boys waiting @ B & little G. garrett's completely in love with brian right now...probably 15 (no exaggeration) times a day garrett says, "ma!" (& he waits, totally pauses until i acknowlege him); i say, "yes, garrett" or "what, buddy?"; & G says, "where da?" it's so sweet...he's always asking about his daddy! :-) so when i got home i could tell he was in a particularly good mood b/c he'd had all that alone time w/ brian during the AM.

then my own morning with garrett was sweet too...complete with reading books & stacking boxes. just stacking boxes. it thrilled me to watch him figure out how to do it in order so that he could get all the boxes on there. it cracked me up to watch him *crash* them all down. that's conference calls, no important meetings to go to, no fun new outfit to oogle over w/ the girls @ the office, just watching my 19-month-old be proud of himself for stacking boxes & knocking them over.

i wonder how life will change with two little ones desiring my love & attention each day. i value the experience & advice of many other moms who have been so reassuring as i approach this time. but i am cherishing, relishing every day i have left with just the little man.

& i can't let this post go w/o thanking one of my favorite people - susan b! - for making my life much simpler today...thank you for taking little man with you & the kids to the pool, for feeding him dinner & giving him a bath! you spoil him (& us!)!!! thank you, thank you, thank you for loving on him & treating him to such a special afternoon. love you, girl!
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Saturday, July 18, 2009



brian's parents were here a few weeks ago. they spent all their time playing with our little man, making life easier for me :-), & allowing brian & i yet another night in town to have a good time with some friends! these photos were shot one evening prior to dinner. & yes, garrett is fully clothed & wet! we turned on the sprinkler & he just ran in what he was wearing! :-)

we're so grateful for the four incredibly loving grandparents (& 2 great-grandmas!) God's given our children. the memories garrett (& our other kids) will make with them will be a blessing & part of the incredible legacy that grandparents get to pass onto their granchildren. thank you - to all 4 of you - grandmom, papa, grammy (mimi!!!) & pop pop for all your loving kindness to us & our little ones.
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one afternoon, waiting on daddy to get home. it was hot outside & G napped in his diaper that day. somehow, the clothes never made it back on but the boots did. i love when he puts these on & just tramps around the house! love this little guy!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day!

it's amazing to journey into parenthood. it's amazing to watch your spouse grow into a parent alongside you...for me, my love for brian has increased exponentially since having garrett (& becoming pregnant w/ baby girl).

brian, you're a wonderful in father in so many ways. you give so much of yourself in being a dad by caring for garrett in any way he needs & in the fun ways that will make your relationship with him unique. i know you will be the same with our little girl, in fact we'll see a new side of you as a dad to a daughter, i would think. :-) thank you for giving to our family as a father. we are blessed that you are ours! happy father's day! love, your biggest fans (beth & garrett) :-)

my seasonal color reminds me of my grandfather. the only one i ever knew. as long as i can remember, his yard each summer had marigolds. they make me happy & remind me of the countless days & nights i spent enjoying his laughter (which was endless) & love...being his *jewel*. there's something so incredibly special in the grandparent relationship.

it's amazing to watch your own father become a grandfather to your child (even though I'd watched him with my nephew & niece for years; same with brian's dad & our nephew). but seeing them love your child is a beautiful experience. my dad's very quiet...his play is intentional & patient with garrett...since dad usually finishes a meal first, he's the first to get up & walk w/ the kids in a restaurant, to spend hours upon hours pushing a wagon around or going on long (slow, in garrett's case) walks around their yard. happy father's day, dad - i love you! (garrett 9 months old)

garrett said, "don't even think about moving me from this man's lap!" (garrett 3.5 months old). brian's dad is quite gregarious...he has a special song for garrett ("hurrah for garrett!") & is constantly teaching garrett a new sound or showing him how to ride a broom like a horsey. we love you, gary - garrett can't wait to see you later this week!

after pictures with daddy this afternoon, garrett went on a stroll through our front bed.